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Benefits at a Glance

  • The stabilization ring and the internal hexagon ensure optimal mechanical stability and a precise fit.
  • An optimally-sized abutment screw allows maximum prosthetic flexibility and design freedom for the superstructure.
  • The clever design of the abutment screw provides protection against excessive mechanical force.

In Technology – the Advantages for your clinical practice.

1. Stabilization in the axial Direction
A axial discrepancy, which can occur with conical connections, is reliably prevented by the precise axial placement of the abutment on the implant shoulder.


2. Stabilization in the lateral Direction
The stabilization ring ensures optimal mechanical stability and minimizes micro-movement at the bone and soft tissue level.

3. Smooth transition between Abutment and Implant Neck
The highly precise fit of the abutment and implant facilitates problem-free probing. This alsoensures optimal cleansability.


4. High Surface Pressure
The slightly angled contact of the abutment ensures high surface pressure in the marginal area (focused compression), providing the best possible seal against bodily fluids.

Opitmally-sized Abutment Screw

In combination with the optimally-sized Abutment Screw, the Thommen Medical Implant Connection offers many Advantages

More Material for Prosthetic Flexibility and Strength
Because more of the abutment material is available for the design of the superstructure, the Thommen Medical implant connection allows greater prosthetic flexibility, even in narrow spaces.

Optimal Design of chewing Surfaces

Thenarrow screw channel facilitates an optimal design of the chewing surfaces.

Integrated Protection from excessive mechanical Force
The Thommen Medical implant connection protects the implant from damage and excessive mechanical force (e.g. in the event of an accident).

«Due to this perfect connection we notice extremely stable bone conditions.»
Grunder U, Implantate in der ästhetischen Zone - Ein Behandlungskonzept Step by Step. 2015 Quintessenz Verlag GmbH, Berlin, ISBN: 978-3-86867-244-2.


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